Come and Stay with Lakehouse Holidays

Come and Stay with Lakehouse Holidays

If this indecisive Welsh weather is getting you down just a little bit, the perfect antidote could be to plan a getaway to one of our many excellent examples of self catering Anglesey cottages, whether by yourself or with the family.

It’s often said and even scientifically proven that bad weather can often lead to bad moods and a general sense of lethargy. Couple that with the 9-5 slog at the office job and you have a potent recipe for stress! As we’re coming up to halfway in 2014, there could be no better time to reward yourself for all your hard work so far this year than to take a holiday.

Many people opt for self catering accommodation on their travels as they appreciate the change of scenery and lifestyle but still like to have that sense of independency, something which you’re unlikely to have at a holiday resort. They are essentially homes away from home which provide the perfect option for people looking to escape the day-to-day of city life.

The reasons for visiting a quiet countryside area are obvious in that there is a sense of tranquillity and peace of mind that you don’t get from living in a hectic urban jungle. There’s no better place to unwind in the UK than in Wales and especially so on the idyllic Isle of Anglesey. Life goes at a slower pace on the famous island but that’s not to say that it’s a bore – there is always such an array of events and activities that all members of the family will be catered for throughout your stay.

As for what we here at Lakehouse Holidays can provide you, there’s much in the way of relaxation and comfort to be enjoyed. With rave reviews and testimonials from visitors and the certificates of excellence to match, we have the quality that you are after throughout all our holiday cottages.

Thanks to being just a stone’s throw away from the perfect place for it, our cottages are always popular with fishers and anglers alike. The picturesque lake adjacent to our places of accommodation offer a day of catharsis unlike many others throughout North Wales and could provide the perfect way to reconnect with the beauty of nature in the company of loved ones.

If you’d like to book a stay at our self catering cottages, please email us at: or phone 01248 853024 for assistance.