Gottwood Music Festival 11th – 14th June

Gottwood Music Festival 11th – 14th June

When you visit Lakehouse Holidays Self Catered Cottages in Anglesey you are never far from a spectacular event.

Lakehouse Holidays’ cottages have long been popular for our stunning surroundings, fishing lake and proximity to all the beauty of Anglesey’s countryside.

We also happen to be in the prime location for attending the best Anglesey events. Throughout the year you will find a wide array of great events from wildlife spotting to boat rides to markets and much more.

Anglesey not only offers the charming, tranquil events but it is a top destination for boutique music festivals too. The Isle of Anglesey is famous for one music festival in particular; Gottwood.

Gottwood is unlike any other music festival. Forget the sludge and mud and general drudgery of many music festivals, because Gottwood embraces the stunning environment and peace of nature. Gottwood is known as the ‘mystical little party hidden in the woods’ and it is an apt description. Gottwood is found nestled among Anglesey’s beautiful woodland and feels much more akin to a magical intimate celebration than your everyday music festival.

Gottwood is an electronic music festival that takes its themes from its natural surroundings and is unique for choosing to keep its ticket number small rather than always growing.

It is actually a music and visual arts festival with as much to feast your eyes upon as your ears.

If you have purchased tickets to the legendary Gottwood Music Festival in Anglesey this June then Lakehouse Holidays Self Catered Cottages are the perfect choice of accommodation.

Onsite camping for the festival sold out very early this year, but if you have not arranged your accommodation in advance do not fret as Lakehouse Holidays are here for you.

Lakehouse Holidays are only a short half hour drive from the festival grounds in the secluded woods of Carreglwyd in Llanfaethlu near Holyhead. This means you can have the added benefit of easy access to the festival while not having to sleep near the noise of the music. It also means you can explore the serene and peaceful countryside after a night of partying at this boutique festival.

You can find us in the Tynygongl area an easy drive from the festival.

Don’t leave it till the last minute to book as we are filling up fast and there is not long left until the first day of the festival. Gottwood takes place from the 11th – 14th June 2015.