Update on New Self Catering Cottage Renovations at Lakehouse

This time last year we announced th start of a new cottage that was to be converted from one of the existing bunks and the large kitchen, which we hoped would would be available from summer 2011.

However, despite Keith making a good start on the renovation work, problems with the existing bunkhouse foundations meant that Alan the farmer had to be called upon to knock the whole unit down with his JCB!  As you can imagine the added building work, coupled with some revisions to the plans has meant that we are well behind schedule with the opening of Ty Menyn.  It has also resulted in Keith requesting two building fairies on his Christmas list!  However, we are very hopeful that the cottage will be available for bookings from June 2012 and we hope to be able to give you an idea of the design features of this two bedroomed cottage on the website soon.